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Cadet Program

6 reasons to become the partner of BLASCO Cadet program
We are successfully implementing recruiting of the best students of maritime educational institutions based on exclusive agreements.
We have a large database of private candidates: current CVs many of which are not publicly accessible.
We offer comprehensive services - from recruitment to the certification by captains-mentors.
Our company is focused on long-term cooperation, so we are scrupulous about implementing our work.
We develop customized solutions for human resources management, which will increase the efficiency of your business.
We offer HR outsourcing, allowing you to save time and focus on the main thing — the success of your business.
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Ukraine is the fifth most important nation in terms of the number of active seamen serving aboard ships worldwide
Ukraine is famed for its maritime traditions. World shipping companies start their representative offices in Ukrainian port cities. Odessa is the maritime centre of Ukraine. Today Ukraine has the big community of seafarers in Europe, it is the fifth most seagoing nation in the world and the third by the extent of providing the world fleet with marine officers. The country numbers about 190 000 seafarers among whom 79 000 are marine officers with international experience.
For the last decades Ukraine has been aimed at marine personnel education development for further employment in the maritime industry. The number of officers with experience on merchant and offshore vessels rises steadily. There are 3 maritime academies and 6 maritime colleges in Ukraine.
Ukraine constantly upgrades and improves maritime training centres which comply with international standards. Students of maritime educational institutions have necessary knowledge base which allows them to take part in the cadet training programs of the leading world shipping companies.
Cadet program: investment into
promising personnel of your company
Every large and developing shipowner company should pay special attention to forming a highly professional, stable and promising personnel reserve. Participation in the cadet program as an employer is a key to solving the problem of search for qualified personnel.
Cadet program gives a chance for shipowners to invite promising cadets and students of maritime specialties. Students of maritime higher educational establishments are interested in gaining practical experience, starting a new career from the very beginning of studying and to obtain practical experience in seafaring improving their qualification. Upon graduation from the academy and for future employment participation in the Cadet program provides undeniable advantages, because any qualified graduate prefers employment with the company with which he has already collaborated. The Cadet program provides an opportunity, first of all, to develop real skills and standards required in your company. Ukrainians are able to master complex processes, they are skilful in teamwork. They are valued for independence and ability to make non-standard solutions.
Advantages of working with Ukrainian Cadets:
Education and even erudition of officers
Engineers are able to perform repair works by the crew's forces, in cases when crews of other nationalities, do not hesitate to call the coastal maintenance party.
Independence and ability to make non-standard solution
Nautical educational establishments: the best traditions of seafaring from generation to generation
The base of Cadet Program is presented by the students of relevant training and educational institutions:
Odessa Maritime College
of Technical Fleet of NU "OMA"
1944 foundation year
Maritime College named after
O.I. Marinesko of NU "OMA"
1898 foundation year
Odessa Maritime College
of Fish Industry named after O. Solyanyk
1954 foundation year
Maritime College of Kherson
State Maritime Academy
1880 foundation year
Kherson Maritime College
of fishing industry
1932 foundation year
Maritime College of Sea and River Fleet of Kyiv State Academy of Water Transport
1940 foundation year
Portrait of a participant of the Cadet program: a loyal employee for many years
Every year, our education partners prepare more than 3700 professionals:
electric engineers
Required criteria for registration in BLASCO Cadet Program for cadets from the above mentioned nautical educational institutions:
Good progress — GPA not lower than 4 on a 5-point scale
Good knowledge of the English language: the knowledge of the special maritime terminology, Marlins test (minimum computer level 85%) + oral interview
Necessary documents, according to the STCW, for Cadets — seafarer's identity document, international passport, certificates «Basic Safety Training» and «Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties»
Interview on the specialty with the captain or chief engineer mentors
Personal qualities:
The stability of psychological condition and mood
Absence of conflict
The desire for professional growth
Stress tolerance in conflict and non-standard situations
The ability to quickly learn and remember new information
The ability to make their own decisions
Attention to detail
The desire for professional growth
Engine cadet is required to understand the following disciplines:

  • Operation of internal combustion engines
  • Automation of ship power plants
  • Ship refrigeration units
  • Ship boilers
  • Ship turbine installation
  • Electrical equipment of ships
The understanding of the following
disciplines is required for Deck Cadets:

  • Basic ship theory
  • Shiphandling Basics
  • Navigation
  • Maritime Law
Interviews with Captains-mentors:
We grow officers inside the company
The duties of the Cadet /OS/AB; whom you obey.
Knowledge of ICS (International Code of Signals). Be prepared to describe the particular flag by colour, to explain what it means.
Knowledge of wheel orders.
Deck equipment, its purpose (Capstan, windlass, cranes, derricks, fairleads, etc). Types of mooring ropes. Safety procedure while mooring operations.
Understanding of SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, MLC conventions.
Knowledge of the COLREG.
Describe the painting process. What is the order of actions (chipping, priming, application of several layers of paint ...)? What equipment / personal protective equipment should be used for such work?
Types of alarms on board.
What is the DF (direction-finder)? How to determine that the risk of collision with another ship exists?
Stages of cadet selection in the Cadet program for further seafaring practice on board
Statement of task
by ship owner
Selection of candidates
in accordance with the
criteria of their positions
Evaluation of a specialist
by captains-mentors
Hiring a candidate for
the purpose of gaining
the seafaring experience
Completion of the
project — sending a cadet
on a ship
We're one handshake away from you
We are happy to get in touch and provide you
with details about our projects
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