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Black Sea Shipping Company

The oldest shipping company on the Black Sea, starting its history in 1833
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Our story
The company can trace its history to May 16, 1833 when the Black Sea Society of Steamships (ROPiT) was established as means of permanent communications between Odessa and Istanbul, but the company disappeared after the Crimean War of the 1850s.
The company was re-established on June 13, 1922 as Black Sea - Azov Sea Shipping by the Council of Labour and Defence as part of the People's Commissariat of Communication Routes and administrated by the Central Administration of State Merchant Fleet (Gostorgflot).
The Black Sea - Azov Sea Shipping company split into Black Sea Shipping Company, Azov Sea Shipping Company and Georgian Shipping Company after World War II. Another split took place in 1964 when a new company, Novorossiysk Shipping Company, was created from the tanker division of the Black Sea Shipping Company.
In 1990 Black Sea Shipping was the biggest one in Europe among other shipping companies and the second in whole world.
On August 13, 1993 President Leonid Kravchuk issued the Decree #303, creating the state conglomeration «Blasko» based on «Black Sea Shipping Company».
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Pavel Kudyukin
President of BLASCO Invest and Partners
In 1971 he graduated from Odessa Higher Marine Engineering School.
Sea captain (1975-1981).
Since 1992, President of the Black Sea Shipping Company.
Jeremy Swales
Vice President, Commercial Affairs
Director of BLASCO Invest UK,
United Kingdom
In the last 40 years has held different managerial roles with both principals and competitive broking houses. Having worked as a competitive and principal broker in various parts of the world, his knowledge is extensive of the shipping markets.
He is a member of the Baltic Exchange since 1981.
Igor Fokin
Director of Blasco-Trading Department
In 1982 he graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with a degree in applied mathematics.
Since 2000 he has been engaged in entrepreneurial activity and is the founder of a number of companies.
Vadim Kulik
Vice President, Fleet Technical Operations
He graduated in 1978 Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers.
Experience in the field of technical operation of the fleet 42 years.
Sergey Tetenko
Vice President, Financial Affairs
In 1983 he graduated from the Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers
Work experience in the field of economic and financial management of water transport for 30 years.
Igor Masik
Director of the crewing department
Experience in river and sea transport 38 years (since 1982).
Sea Captain since 2008. Candidate of technical sciences since 2019.
Corporate partners
Gold Mercury International
In 1981, the Black Sea Shipping Company was awarded the prestigious Golden Mercury International Prize for its contribution to the development of world maritime trade.
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We're one handshake away from you
We are happy to get in touch and provide you
with details about our projects
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